Posted in November 2008

JUST WORDS … or defining qualities?

 Confidence, curiosity, hope … just words? What about safety, trust, wonder? More  words. But what important words they are when they’re part of us … or more important still  when they’re part of our children.   What if all children had all these qualities living inside of them? Let’s have a look at how  defining these … Continue reading

How To Do Active Listening

Active listening is another basic tool of effective communication. It is employed whenever the other has a problem. We want to listen carefully to what the other is trying to say. Here are some guidelines for doing this.  1) LOOK INTO OTHER’S EYES – This is especially important, as the eyes are the real channels … Continue reading

How to Set Personal Boundaries

 Living your life as an empowered person often requires the placement of  boundaries – invisible “lines” across which you will not allow people or events  to infringe upon your time or resources.   When you have clear inner boundaries in place, you know where you stand and  you’re able to make decisions that support and nurture … Continue reading

Empowerment in Relationships

 Personal empowerment often plays a big role in the quality of your relationships  because of the beliefs and behaviors you express in your interactions with others.  If you’ve ever expected a relationship to somehow “complete” you or make you feel strong or whole, you probably experienced disappointment and frustration as it seemed to cause bigger … Continue reading

How To Make Many Friends Easily

by: Ivan Campuzano With every goal you have in life, people will always be a critical part of it. How fast you reach your goals depends on how well you deal with people and the level of influence you have on them. In order to really influence people you must become a person who is likable. … Continue reading

The Importance of Play

by: Judy Hansen For children, play is naturally enjoyable. And since it is their active engagement in things that interest them, play should be child-led, or at least child-inspired, for it to remain relevant and meaningful to them. Children at play are happily lost in themselves; they are in their own realm of wonder, exploration, and … Continue reading

Family Organizing Tips

 by: Marilyn Bohn  We all know having an organized home allows us to spend more time doing the things we  want to do. For me it is more time to quilt, for others it may be gardening, exercising,  cooking, working on a hobby, or spending more time with family. So how do we go about  getting … Continue reading