JUST WORDS … or defining qualities?

images-just-word Confidence, curiosity, hope … just words? What about safety, trust, wonder? More  words. But what important words they are when they’re part of us … or more important still  when they’re part of our children. 

 What if all children had all these qualities living inside of them? Let’s have a look at how  defining these and other similar qualities can be – and what a difference it makes when they  are an integral part of our children. 

Acceptance: the quality of being accepted; approval 
A child who feels accepted: gains confidence, sense of belonging 
A child who does not feel accepted: feels alone, sad 

Attitude: a manner of acting, feeling or thinking that reflects one’s disposition, opinion, etc. 
Child with positive attitude: open to ideas, ready, willing 
Child with negative attitude: uncreative, negative, lonely 

Confidence: a feeling of assurance, especially of self-assurance; belief in one’s own abilities 
Child with confidence: accomplishes great things, stands out in a crowd 
Child without confidence: meek, afraid to try 

Curiosity: a desire to know or learn 
Child with curiosity: learns something new, discovers answers 
Child without curiosity: does not search for understanding, does not seek to learn 

Determination: firmness of purpose; resolve 
Child with determination: sense of purpose, drive to accomplish 
Child without determination: weak, lack of drive, hopeless 

Hope: a wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfillment 
Child with hope: eyes wide open, ready for good to happen, dreams 
Child without hope: downhearted, discouraged 

Safety: the condition of being safe; freedom from hurt, injury, or loss 
Child who feels safe: open to trying anything, asking anything, free to be himself 
Child who does not feel safe: self-conscious, embarrassed, closed off 

Trust: firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing 
Child who has trust: develops relationships, able to move forward in life 
Child who does not have trust: shuts out the world, afraid to get hurt, vulnerable 

Wonder: the emotion aroused by something awe-inspiring, astounding, or marvelous 
Child with wonder: desire to learn and discover, excited about life 
Child without wonder: lack of ambition, limited interest in learning 

Learn More at SuperCamp 

At SuperCamp, our exceptional staff go in-depth with campers from age 9 to 18 on character and qualities of success and on many life and learning skills that help build grades, confidence and motivation. Our Youth Forum is seven days long and is for students going into grades 4-5 in the fall. Junior Forum and Senior Forum are 10 days long. Junior Forum is for incoming 6-8 graders and Senior Forum is for incoming 9-12 graders. We even have a college boot camp, Quantum U, an 8-day programs for incoming college freshmen. 

SuperCamp is held at eight beautiful colleges across the U.S. throughout the summer. Quantum U takes place at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. More information on our programs is available at http://www.supercamp.com and http://www.quantum-u.com. 

We also offer a unique 3-day Parent Weekend at which parents of kids in SuperCamp gain an insight into what their children are learning in their programs. In the process, parents tell us they learn a lot about themselves, as well. You can view a Parent Weekend video at http://www.SuperCamp.com

About The Author

Jim Hartley works for Quantum Learning Network, a company that focuses on children and teen education and life skills.   



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