Posted in December 2008

Love, Marriage & Family

  Role of family The role of family in the overall social structure of Islam is great and if we fail to grasp its importance, the whole edifice will collapse. In Islam there is no family without union or marriage and there is no marriage without rules and discipline. The family in Islam is a … Continue reading

Get Over Procrastination and Start Living Your Life

So you have recognized that you have a problem, finally. Procrastination has taken over your life, and you want it back. As difficult and impossible as it may seem, it is achievable. Approach a counsellor or a therapist for help, and don’t forget that the best person to help you is yourself.  First, you need to … Continue reading

Risk-Take Your Way to Success

Have you ever noticed a theme with successful people? Nine times out of ten, there was a risk involved and the person needed to take a chance in order to succeed.  Risk-taking is scary for most of us. We’ve been taught to be careful and take baby steps toward our dreams. There’s nothing wrong with … Continue reading


   How do we smile at each other? Is there a message communicated between us as we  smile? Does it convey the depth of our feelings we have for each other? Take note of how  our smiles deepen in feeling toward each other as our relationship grows and time passes.  Note how our smiles reflect … Continue reading