Preparing for Success

images-prepare-to-success Many people dream about becoming successful, but few people think  about preparing for success ahead of time. When you consider that  “success” is really an inner process of growth and self-mastery, you realize  that it’s not just about achieving a goal or becoming better at what you do. 

Success actually changes who you are on a core level – which will inevitably create changes in all aspects of your life. If you’re not ready for it, upheaval and turmoil can follow. 

Make the transition smoother with a little foresight and planning in these three key areas: 

1) Mind 

Some of the biggest changes you experience from success are mental. That much is obvious, because the differences in mental states between an unsuccessful person and a successful person are like day and night! 

To prepare your mind for success, you may want to devote some time to encouraging yourself with positive self-talk, boosting your confidence and self-worth, and affirming your capabilities as often as you can. 

Neglecting this mental conditioning could result in feelings of overwhelm and anxiety when you’re not prepared to handle the increased responsibility and pressure that can come along with greater success. 

2) Body 

With greater success often come a more purposeful stride, straighter spine, and perhaps a chin held a fraction of an inch higher than it used to be. If you catch yourself slouching, avoiding eye contact or scurrying when you walk, it might be an indication that you’re not confident enough to handle the success you desire. Body language reveals a lot! 

Begin carrying and conducting yourself like a person who is proud of their accomplishments and confident that they can achieve still greater things. Your body will convey the message both to other people, and your own psyche. 

Also related to the body is your wardrobe. Are you dressing for success? Or do you dress like a person who aims to blend into the crowd and avoid attention? Take pride in your appearance and you’ll feel more inclined to take pride in the rest of your “self” too. 

3) Spirit 

Great success without spiritual fortitude can often breed arrogance. Developing your spiritual self while on the journey to success can encourage humility and compassion, build your character and strengthen your integrity. Always remember where you came from, and never take for granted the spiritual gifts that bloom from your journey to success. 

As you focus on these three aspects of self-development, you’ll not only make it easier to handle your success when it arrives, you’ll probably grow more quickly into the successful person you want to become – even before you’ve accomplished your goals! 

About The Author

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