Correct Understanding The Human

muslim_amerika The Human has been created in the just centre of the values in the  universe. He is one of the most honourable of the Creatures. He is a dear and  respected existence. If we can understand the human in a correct way, it  becomes possible to understand a lot of things in a correct way. 

To be able to understand even a simplest thing in a correct way, it is needed that to know all the dimensions of it, such as width, height and thickness. Like this, if the human was only evaluated with whole dimensions, his real status appears. 

There are five existence dimensions of the human. 

The first of the existence dimensions is his “substance”. His corpse represents the “substance” dimension, which is put into grave when he diead. Human “substance” dimension is such as same all other substances. He has got a weight, a volume and a colour. He is able to analysis as physically and chemically. All the processes which can be applied to the other subtances are can be applied to this. 

The second is “physiological events” dimension. This is plant-like life dimension of the human. A person in coma represents this dimension. Physiological dimension is a dimension that the liveliness events (metabolical events) begin in the human body. The energy producing mechanisms (catabolism) and the biosentesis mechanisms (anabolism) using this produced energy is purposed as saying “the liveliness events”. The energy transfer is executed by coenzyme ATP, between this two mechanisms. 

A big groups of subtances and ions consist of thousands of enzymes, coenzymes, different chemical ingredients and various chemical carriers (chemical group transferors and electron transporters) and hormones which control all these chemical events act a role in these physiological events, except coenzyme ATP. This is a very complex, dinamic and difficult comprehensible organisation. 

The third of the existence dimensions of the human is “psychological events”. This is animal-like life dimension of the human. A mad void of mind represents this dimension. Psychological dimension is a dimension that the spiritual events begin in the human body. There is the consciousness at this dimension. There are sensations, emotions and passions, which appear as pleasures and pains. There is the attention. There is the perception the senses coming from the environment. There is to constitute knowledge and concept. There is to save these materials at the memory. There are some spiritual effectivenesses such as to identify, to give reaction to the effects coming from environment, and the intelligence. 

The fourth of the existence dimensions of the human is “mind” or “senses”. This is humanistic life dimension of the human. A man managing every thing by valuating every event by using his mind represents this dimension. The mind is a thinking, an analysing and synthesizing and a deciding mechanism. The mind is a special feature for the human that he is being differed from animals with it. If the mankind has not being posssesed a mind, any distinctness was not be from an other intelligent animal. 

The mind is a measuring and valuating mechanism that valuates every thing according to “the measure” giving to its hand. At this dimension, human uses the “individual benefit” measure, for the moral values is not yet given to his hand. According to him, every thing being suitable to his private benefit is “good”, but every thing being adverse to his private benefit is “bad”. 

The man at this dimension possesses of character or vigorously “personality”, for this reason that the mind is a deciding mechanism. He is a man that owning some desires and wishes, owning some peculiar thinks, and trying to manage and to change his surroundings according to his self wishes. 

The essential dimension is fifth dimension that makes the human in real meaning a true man. The fifth dimension is “spiritual and moral” dimension. This is heavenly life dimension of the human. A ripe, mellow, merciful, decent and well-mannered man represents this dimension. This dimension is a dimension that the human gets a heavenly character (personality) in place of previous humanistic character (personality), by passing from a divine schooling by his God. 

At this dimension, “the measure” using by the mind is changed, and “divine consent” measure has been taken in place of “individual benefit” measure. 

Every thing changes in the life of the human in consequence of passing to fifth dimension. The human becomes fine, graceful, decent, truthful, serious, mellow, ripe, tolerant, uncomplaining, helpful, merciful, righteous, generous, resigned, not hurry and confusion in his works, as wholly distinc from previous dimension. This is a situation that appears on the human in consequence of getting moral values which belonging to God and His prophets, by passing from the divine schooling. Such upgraded man to fifth dimension, at that, is a dear and respected existent. The human in this status is the khalif of His God, on the world. 

My Dear Brother

Of course, to be arrived the high character and morality at the fifth dimension by a man is not much easy. This is a long way, with seesaws. To be slowly or quickly of the travelling is not important in this. A man arrives to the destination early or late as he begins this travelling. The most important matter in this is to consent by a man to be schooled by his God, modestly and by leaving the haughtiness. 

Of course, for this, primarily, it is needed to believe to the paramount Creator and to recognize the existence of Him. The most of the humans say that: “We believe the God”. But the majority is not sincere in this. Whereas, there are so much reasons for believing a God who created all the universe and manages it as He wishes… 

Dr. Ismail Ulukus is a former phytopathologist and researcher. He has many articles on the plant diseases. He is owner and webmaster of Your Plant Medicine Portal, . In these days, he has begun to write articles on religion and moral values due to a moral degeneration growing up on all the world. One can be communicated with him from address. 


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