How to have a happy and productive life.


images-happy-productive-life Living a happy and productive life is nothing more that the sum total of  many  happy days of doing productive activities. It is about creating as many  “Now”  moments as possible.

 How to have a happy and productive life.

Know exactly what it is that you want.

Decide what happiness means to you. Search for what you want out of life and what you enjoy doing and having. Whatever you are seeking, you will find it within. Information from books, other people’s opinions and ideas are stimulus to trigger your thought process. The answers are inside you.

Have full control of your future.

You can become and have anything that you desire because you are in control. To be or not to be is up to you. You can choose to act instead of reacting. You remain dogged by the same situation repeatedly because you have not chosen to have control of your own mind and attitude. Once you decide to take charge, you will end your pain and misery.

Hang around with happy and productive people.

Disassociate and walk away from people and situations that cause unhappiness. Hang around with people you trust and are in harmony with your needs and desires.

Enjoy work that is fun and challenging.

Nothing is more stressful than doing work that you don’t enjoy. Find work that gives you pleasures and makes you feel excited. It is the kind of work where you can put you heart into it and will perform your best.

Enjoy your own company.

Learn to enjoy your own company. Lavish yourself with reading, learning or indulge yourself with any activity that makes you happy. Expect the best from yourself and you activities. Explore and discover the real you and persuade yourself to like whoever you are. The most important person and the only person you talk and listen to on an ongoing basis is the one inside your own mind.

Build better relationships.

Treat others well and with respect, appreciate them and you will get the same treatment. Invest time, energy, spirit and your heart into your relationships. Commit to promote each others’ welfare and happiness. Avoid misunderstandings and frustrations by communicating effectively. Share your concerns and understanding each others values and rules.

Create new things.

Do something different to create new interests. Working on new things personally and professionally motivates and increases your chances for personal growth and satisfaction. You will build better life skills, create new opportunities and meet new and interesting people.

Each activity and progress will lead to more growth each day and will have a cumulative effect on your future.

Keep your attention on your goal.

Guard your mind from negative and disempowering thoughts. Focus and concentrate on what you want even when you are confronted with difficulties and challenges. The more problems you solve, the happier you will feel and you will create more energy.

Heal your soul.

If you have made mistakes, forgive yourself, get up and get going. If someone has done you wrong, don’t let it blind you. Rise above it, don’t get intimidated and let it poison your future. Move forward to chase your dreams and purpose in life. Life is too short to pay long visits to old hurts and the unfairness of life.


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