How To Start The Process Of Life Change


images-change-your-life  If your debts are building up, your relationship is leading you astray or           your career is at a halt, it’s about time you analyze your situation and start     the process of life change.

  Make a decision today to do all that you can to transform you life. To do or not to do; it’s all up to you.

Create clear and well defined goals.

In whatever you attempt in life, you must first have clear and well defined goals. You are where you are now because you might have become indifferent about your goals in life.

Establish the action steps.

You should not think about making your problems go away. Instead you should set your mind to create actions steps to bring what you want into existence. Clear goals and precise action steps or strategy are requirements to start off.

Be willing to make changes.

Wanting something different means letting go of whatever is holding you back up until today. Your personality may need a lift, your self esteem a boost and your thinking definitely has to shift.

Start believing in yourself.

Even though you have made mistakes and gone through challenges in life, there is every possibility to turn things around. You have to start believing in yourself. Your beliefs about what you can do and achieve are vital to making your dreams come true.

Take immediate action.

It does not matter whether you are fully prepared to start. Once you have a goal, know what you have to do, and are willing to get out of your comfort zone and start believing in yourself, take immediate action. Do what you can with what you have and you will build the momentum and fight your fear. Your confidence will increase and so will your self-esteem.

Allow time for study and learning the skills.

In order to make life changes, you have to allow time to study and learn new skills. You gain knowledge through reading, listening and from doing things. If what you do does not give you the expected result, you have not failed instead have gained a new experience.

Take charge of your thoughts.

Your mind is endlessly producing pictures, images, voices and sensations without your conscious awareness. Those thoughts have influenced and affected your emotions and responses. It is about time you take control and give the instruction instead. Direct your mind by creating images of what you want. You should from now decide what you want to say to yourself. Otherwise it will go on with the endless cycle of producing thoughts from the past and that of doubts and fears.

Pause during the day and night to contemplate and to remain in focus.

You need to take a break in between to see whether you are moving in the right direction. Sometimes you may seem busy doing things that are of not much importance. Contemplation allows you to observe and listen and it provides inspiration.

Impose the disciplines. Persist even when progress seems slow.

Keep on even when progress seems slow. Remind yourself that it takes time to grow and to make life changes. Impose the disciplines to take action every day. Your next action or the next person you meet may provide the solution.  

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6 thoughts on “How To Start The Process Of Life Change

  1. Yes correct, mas Arif. The key is “How do we lead ourselves.” Continue to hone ourselves to be ourselves better and best. What do you all?

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