Effective to Lead

circle_of_influence1Currently in Indonesia, there are members of legislative election campaigns.

Many his party democracy we see in both the road and on TV. Many promises that were delivered to attract and influence people. But whether they are effective leaders? Still need proof….. But what real an effective leading is?

The key to becoming lead effectively.

The key to becoming an effective leader is not actually just making other people that want to follow, but make you being a person who is eligible to be followed.

Trust worthy.

In principle, leading is an influence. Influence others to follow. They want to follow, because they believe with us, what they want can be achieved. If we are not worthy to be trusted, it can be guaranteed, they will not want to follow us.

Therefore, listen to them. God created two ears and one mouth, meaning we should listen twice more than that of speech. Deliver your ego. And they serve it. To be trusted, be a good follower. A good leader is a good follower. You will not be able to become a leader without being follower first.

Next, it’s complicated relationship and partnership with them. A relationship is not when you need them. If that happens, you manipulate them for you. Remember that lead is to serve. The more you are emotionally close to them, the stronger your relationship with them. You will automatically influence the stronger. Leadership is influence, not less not more.

Work hard to raise them. Not working hard to ensure that they take you. Not…. That’s a different situation. Therefore, it is a hard discipline required. Discipline will make your character stronger, so worthy to be followed.

They need time. How do you think?

By Danu


6 thoughts on “Effective to Lead

  1. I think that’s right. But we must keep our promise when we made it. So the people can trust without any doubt to Us. Not must be a leader, but general people must keep that principle in life. What do You think Pak Danu?

  2. It is correct Pak Nopri. For in His Word says that “Every human life is Leader. And, every leader, must be responsible to its leadership”.

  3. hemm…. i recommend all candidates of indonesian legislator who join general election today to read diz article. great posting bro ‘n keep action

  4. some of our leader demonstrated bad attitude…people become apathetic to them, so they don’t want participate in the election…….but i think we should have expectation, many leaders also have good attitude to develop our country better….

  5. To Mbak Heny. Indeed, we have to think positive, so there is always hope. God welcomes what we think. If we think negative, it is to be given to us. Similarly, if we expect the positive, the paper is that positive things will be given in our God.

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