Posted in May 2009

Do You “Work To Live” or “Live To Work”?

Let’s be realistic here – hands up all of you who bounce out of bed every single morning, raring to get to work and enjoying yourself every minute of the day? If you didn’t put your hand up (even metaphorically), you’re not alone. There have been so many articles published recently about working statistics in … Continue reading

What To Do When Your Self-Confidence Declines

When your self-confidence declines, you become afraid to meet life challenges and lack the desire to interact with others. You feel knocked out and defeated. You lose the enthusiasm and excitement to take action. This could have resulted from experiencing repeated failures, encountering numerous challenges or missing opportunities. Here are steps to take to overcome … Continue reading

The Importance Of Self Motivation

Reaching a goal is easier said than done. There are times when it gets hard to be motivated especially when you don’t feel like trying. These are the times that show if you are self confident enough to stay the course. You can’t pretend to be successful, you have to be motivated. So what can … Continue reading

Reasons To Stay Positive

You surely have heard about “positive thinking”, but why bother? Is there any reason you should make the effort to retain only positive thoughts? This article shares some ideas why you may in fact want to make this effort. Higher Productivity Maintaining a positive attitude may lead to higher productivity, whether in your career or … Continue reading

Did You Check Your Confidence Level?

Would you like to be confident? Your answer may be – YES. I do want to be confident. However, this answer lacks the impact. It is too generalized. Just like everybody wants to do well in life and be rich but not many ever realize this wish. This is because to actually get somewhere in … Continue reading