Ways to Increase the Power of Believing in Yourself

images self confidenceOne of my favorite and inspiring quotes is by the great Buckminster Fuller, “I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly.” It reminds me to not be a statistic and to go for greatness. 

Fuller also made a very underlining point: When you let life, people, circumstances, and inner conflict of your mind, body, and spirit consume you and conquer you to where you have no clue as to who you are and what your true individual gifts, talents, and purpose is you become dead from the neck up. When you were first conceived, you were the winning sperm out of millions of sperm to fertilize the egg in which of course months later the world was introduced to you. 

With that being said: Congratulations, you’ve already won! You have strength, courage, ability, intelligence, and beauty to not only survive but to thrive. The following are steps that have assisted me over the years and continue to assist me, for self-belief is an ongoing process even once you reach the top. 

Gratitude – One of the most powerful and quickest ways to see a shift in your energy from negative to positive is to be grateful for what is right in your life, for what you do have and so on. Another bonus, by being consistently grateful you will bring more people, places, things, ideas, and experiences in your life that you can be thankful for, including your desires. 

Self Empowerment– Attitude is essential to self-belief. Don’t be pessimistic and don’t let other people, places, and ideas bring you down. Surround yourself with like-minded people who will support you obtaining your desires (be sure you do the same for them). Stay away from any negative media and conversations. (If there is news that is important, someone will tell you about it. Trust me.) 

Move into Action to Make Changes– There are many resources that you can utilize to begin to increase yourself belief. Whether it is CDs, DVDs, tapes, audio books, seminars, etc. choose what truly resonates with you and no one else. Read/watch biographies of people whose stories inspire you. Find a mentor who’s been where you want to go. If necessary, seek a therapist, counseling, and/or find a support group. If you practice a faith, dive into that as well. 

The Mind – No matter what your beliefs are, you are an infinite power source of all that is in your life. In other words, what think and believe you will attract into your life. Ask yourself this question: What do I want? If current life circumstances, opinions and beliefs of others including loved ones weren’t an issue what would your current life look like……..in every area? If you thought of it, desire it, and it makes you feel good, you can have it. It doesn’t matter what it is. But whatever it is, the key is to have a very clear and concise mental picture of what you truly want and to consistently hold it there. Be specific. For instance, “I want to start my own business!” Well, what kind of business? How big or small? Successful or failure? Profitable or bankruptcy? 

Final tips: 
– You are in charge of your own happiness. Screw what others think or say. 
– Have faith and trust no matter what and during the hard times be grateful. 
– Whenever difficulty, doubt or worry show up in your body, mind, and/or spirit just say “Thank you for your input. Now leave.” Basically, acknowledge your negative thought and feeling and re-focus on your empowering self-belief. 

About The Author

N. Bradford is a writer/businesswoman who lives a abundant and prosperious life once she learned how to truly believe in herself and desires to share that knowledge with others. She also assist others achieve financial freedom through entrepreneurship. To learn more about Traliece’s business opportunity go to beabundanceccp.com.


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