Posted in August 2009

How To Achieve Success

Who do not want to get success in life? But unfortunately only a few people achieve their goals. Let’s see what are the steps for achieving success. Believe in your dreams: It’s a dream of everyone to be successful. One must have to believe in his dream to convert it into reality. So please dream … Continue reading

Measuring Success

Measuring success is a very personal concept as everyone has different goals, aspirations and targets. The actual size of the success you are aiming for makes a difference too. I count myself lucky to be able to discuss a variety of different levels of success through this article as I feel that my achievements so … Continue reading

I Am Somebody!

What a wonderful feeling it is when we can feel good about who we are…when we can be open and honest with ourselves and with others without the fears of rejection or abandonment…when we can just be ourselves with an appreciation of our own uniqueness and the uniqueness of others. Have we been selling ourselves … Continue reading

Develop A Burning Desire

I recently read that only three percent of our population has written any specific goals. The survey went on to state that seventy-five percent have no goals and the rest have general and unwritten goals. This means that there are a lot of us who spend our days reacting to the situations in which life … Continue reading