Posted in September 2009

Develop appreciation for your life

Often we know some people who like to complain about the situation. Many complained that, whether the weather is too hot, the bed is too hard, serving less food tastes, or too-short vacation, that salaries are too small and there are many other things that he’s complaining. People who like this actually includes those who … Continue reading


In everyday interactions, we often meet with people of diverse hue, and habits. There are apathetic about what would happen to him, but there is also an optimist. Several indifferent to life, but many are very concerned for her future. How to think we should be in accordance with our physical growth. To become an … Continue reading

Powerful Visualization Secrets

One of the kindest persons I’ve ever met has shared with me some of her visualization secrets to get what you want in life. I want to share them with you too: 1. If you visualize, you have to be in the picture. Example, you visualize a car, its type, model, color, etc. BUT What … Continue reading

Change It!

Easier said than done, huh? Change, in and of itself, can be downright scary due to the fear of the unknown. However, if we’re doing the same thing (that we know doesn’t work), time and time again, but expecting DIFFERENT results…Well, that’s the definition of insanity! In some ways, we’re all insane. Does this sound … Continue reading