Develop appreciation for your life

appreciation1Often we know some people who like to complain about the situation. Many complained that, whether the weather is too hot, the bed is too hard, serving less food tastes, or too-short vacation, that salaries are too small and there are many other things that he’s complaining. People who like this actually includes those who lack respect for life. They do not care how well they get.

There is a story, a woman who was transferred to a nursing home. She is a blind woman, who had accompanied her husband for 70 years and had died. This woman is very independent. A time comes in a nursing home, she had to wait in the front room to wait for his room that is being prepared. When she was led to her room, her maid told her in detail about the content and layout of all existing things in her room.

“I like it.” The woman said this with enthusiasm.
“But you have not seen it. See you later. “Said the waiter.
“It has nothing to do.” Said the blind woman, “Happiness is something you decide from the beginning. That is how I arrange my mind. “Blind woman continued.

Happiness is often affected by many circumstances that surrounded him. Though the award is not a matter of taste or sophistication. Appreciation is a matter of perspective.

Start with small things. If you can learn to appreciate and be grateful for small things, then you will appreciate the big things, and everything that happened between them.

Find Something positive.

It’s not always easy. But if we seriously want to try it, then we’ll find something good, even in the midst of the most difficult situation though.

The world is filled with people who are negative. In fact, they like to gather together. However, positive people are also everywhere. Our task is to find it. Associate with them, people are positive. Be closer and friendly withthem, so you will increasingly strengthened.

Tell a positive

Try to cultivate the habit of giving a positive comment in every conversation. Give credit to others by praising something positive to others with sincerity. Support for them can develop. Actions that will be very positive impact on you and others.

Respect others as you respect yourself.

How do you think?

By: Danu


5 thoughts on “Develop appreciation for your life

  1. Hi Tnelson, thank you for your appreciation. We believe every relationship can produce something positive. I hope that what we are willing to serve your colleagues and others.

  2. Hi Savannah. I had never felt the same. Laziness is often came. But, try to remember what factors make us start making blog. Try us think, how many people might be inspired because we do sharing through blogs that we maintain. There are things to note, if we dream bigger than our laziness, then step by step we will move forward. You have to believe your goals will be achieved.

  3. Also why don’t they fix all these farmville issues before they start giving us new stuff wouldn’t that be the smart thing to do??? This is sooo frustrating, can’t get into my farm at all this morning so I am losing money and XP points! In an earlier post you said that you could get XP points when the farmer plows and the coins go up in the air. How the heck does it work cos I have tried absolutely everything and have not been able to get one XP point out of this and I have had one heck of a pile of coins when plowing so I feel I am losing out big time!! Please can you help????? Many thanks for the help and tips you have been giving us, keep up the good work 🙂

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