Posted in October 2009

Between Failure And Success In Your Life

Most people believe that there is a wide gulf between those who fail with the success. There is a kind of impression, that they will not be able to cross the chasm in achieving their dreams. There is one little secret is to know, that the difference between failure and success is not too large. … Continue reading

Learning Laughing at Ourselves

Nothing is as good as a healthy sense of humor – especially the ability to laugh at themselves – which can make you immune to the frustration of the problems you face every day. Many things that we encounter from time to time that make us upset, and frustration leads. Perhaps agreements met, which was … Continue reading

Stay in your strength zone

Everyone always wants the best achievement that can be achieved. But not many people realize, that the achievement of a good requires a plan, focus and courage to do it. And it all takes “potential power” of each person. Therefore we need to know our own strength it is. It is very important, because by … Continue reading

Attitude … .. whether it?

Attitude is an inner feeling in his expresion in the action or behavior. And that is often reflected in our faces. Therefore an attitude would be very easy to influence the situation around it. Whether to cause boredom or warmth. Therefore, attitude determines the success or failure of a relationship. Good family relationships, bussiness, and … Continue reading