Attitude … .. whether it?

AttitudeAttitude is an inner feeling in his expresion in the action or behavior. And that is often reflected in our faces. Therefore an attitude would be very easy to influence the situation around it. Whether to cause boredom or warmth. Therefore, attitude determines the success or failure of a relationship. Good family relationships, bussiness, and friendship.

Why become an important

Because the factor that represents yourself. The attitude you show who you are. We live a busy world. We associate the midst of a thousand kinds of people with backgrounds. How successful relationships with many human background? The answer is your attitude.

Because the attitude is not a fixed price that can not be changed. But the attitude is a choice. And we all must take responsibility for what we choose.
There is one story, a couple was met with friends in a high school reunion. One of his friends, asked the wife,
“Hey Mita, whether you are a happy marriage?” Asked a friend of the woman.
“Sure, why?” Replied the wife.
“Does your husband make you happy?” The friend continued.
The woman thought for a moment. Then say,
“Oh no. He never made me happy. “The woman is saying.
“So how you can keep your marriage?” The friend was asked in surprise
“Indeed, my husband has tried to make me happy. My husband is a good and responsible. However, it was not him that made me happy. But the happiness it is my personal responsibility. ” The woman answered.
That’s the attitude. Each person must take responsibility for his own. We are not a drama, where we have determined to play a character like anything. Often we see the impression of a drama series on television, the bearer of bad character will continue to look bad until the story was finished. We are humans, who can choose and develop to become better.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, once said,
“What lies behind and in front of us are the things that is very small compared to what lies within us ..”
If you change your attitude, then the things that others will follow.
Is not this so?

By: Danu


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