Stay in your strength zone

strength zoneEveryone always wants the best achievement that can be achieved. But not many people realize, that the achievement of a good requires a plan, focus and courage to do it. And it all takes “potential power” of each person. Therefore we need to know our own strength it is. It is very important, because by being aware of the “strength zone“, then we will realize who we are.

Every person must have the power zone, and zones of weakness. If we choose an area of ground, then we will be a mediocre. Our potential will be wasted and can not come to the fullest. So our choice to work on what zone, it becomes very important.
How to know the two zones? Much we can do, including:

1. Personality tests. We need to do it. So that we can find out in more detail, your strengths and weaknesses. With our personality tests can be more aware of who we are.

2. Advice of others. In general we are very difficult to judge ourselves. Therefore, ask for advice the parties to assess how independent our potential. Things like this are a little hard to do, because it takes greatness of soul. However, such efforts will help a lot.

3. Personal experience. Continued to move toward what you want to accomplish. Each stage of achievement, it is important to your values. Failure would be very useful for your progress is bigger, if you always get up one time more than any failures that you experience. Personal experience is not always the best teacher. But the experience will be evaluated as the best teacher.
The more you are in your strength zone, the greater your ability to achieve your dreams.
William Gladstone, British Prime Minister, once said,

“The wise are those who do not spend the energy to pursue what is not according to him, but still more wise people who can choose and firmly follow the best from among the things he can do well.”


By: Danu


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