Learning Laughing at Ourselves

Learning Laughing at OurselvesNothing is as good as a healthy sense of humor – especially the ability to laugh at themselves – which can make you immune to the frustration of the problems you face every day. Many things that we encounter from time to time that make us upset, and frustration leads. Perhaps agreements met, which was one location, may wait too long, you may queue ticket so long, suddenly there was someone who casually barging in front of you without feeling guilty. Or maybe your idea stolen your friends, and your friend gets the credit. But most often make a person upset is the response of others on the relationship unhealthy relationship.
If not able to laugh at yourself, you will have to travel a long and difficult. You have to fight hard to defend yourself with the changes. You have to turn into flexible in building relationships with others. Both co-workers, relatives, spouse, with your child or your family others. When you sarcastic people, know your weaknesses, and sometimes plainly show, you might be offended and defensive. Your reaction is like this it will clarify your shortcomings and make the deficiency will look much worse. More than that, your reaction to the comments of others or your partner will create new problems that demand solutions. The effect of these attitudes will make your life becomes ineffective, is a “small problem” would seem like a big problem for you.
If we observe the people who live happy and successful relationship with, you will definitely see that they are able to laugh at themselves. They generally have the necessary perspective to be fair and humble when their weaknesses to the surface. This will create a healthy environment. Your relationships with others will bring opportunities for growth and healthy, because each side feels safe.
In a potentially interactions tend to heat up, in many cases such a situation can be alleviated and forgotten just like that. One example, we were having dinner at a place in the middle of town. Incidentally next to our table were two men and a woman who was having dinner and talking. At first glance we heard the emotional tone of the conversation. The woman said, “You talk too much” with his eyes staring at the man, visibly angry. The man reacted with a light laugh and say, “You’re right, I dominate the conversation. Sorry … .. “. This reaction directly reduce tensions between them. More than that, his words, his ability to see the truth in sarcasm mate, his willingness to be humble, and willingness to acknowledge the trend might ease the situation before it could be hot.
In many cases, we often find, hundreds of conversations like this will turn into an argument. Because instead of responding with humor and humility, but those who have not commented sweet react defensive and assume that a serious problem. The inability to maintain a sense of humor encourage hurled sharp words and a trigger counter-argument.
With a laugh at yourself, not being completely serious, to relax in relationships, then you will be a nice person.
Good luck … ..

By: Danu


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