Posted in November 2009

Reach Dreams

Are you where you want to be? Most people know what they want. They just don’t have big enough reasons why they want it. Knowing why you want something, why you really want something is one of the biggest keys to your success in everything.   What motivates you? It’s an answer you have to … Continue reading

Attitude is a choice

We all know, is the nature of human to make mistake. Who have never made a mistake in his entire life? We have seen big guys coming up, gone down, and yet they can come up again. What can we learn from them?. One of the things we can learn from them is a way … Continue reading

Embracing Tragedy

A week ago, I met an old friend. We have not seen for 15 years. He looked fresh, bright faces, seemed optimistic view of life. Fifteen years ago, as I recall it very different circumstances. At that time the material he’s quite good. But mentally, his condition again slumped. Less positive life habits. Love the … Continue reading