Embracing Tragedy

Embracing TragedyA week ago, I met an old friend. We have not seen for 15 years. He looked fresh, bright faces, seemed optimistic view of life. Fifteen years ago, as I recall it very different circumstances. At that time the material he’s quite good. But mentally, his condition again slumped. Less positive life habits. Love the nightlife, working hard in the daytime. So throughout the day is spent outside the home. He has a wife and kids are still small. He’s so crazy nightlife, almost no day without him going to the night club. Until one day, his son fell ill. His wife calls, and he simply replied, “take it to the doctor”, while continuing to enjoy the nightlife. Finally, the wife went to the doctor alone, and the doctor advised hospitalization at the hospital. The results of examination of the child states Leukemi hit. Since then we never saw again.

By remembering the past is unpleasant, I ventured to ask him,

“How’s your son who was sick?”

“He can not help. One year since he entered the hospital, his condition grew worse, and eventually he died. ” Said my friend.

“What did you do then?” Ask me.

“I was really shocked. I just realized, that I have neglected my family who was supposed to be my responsibility. “He said.

“So?” I asked further.

“I realized, that all my habits must be ended. I had to change tack. I finally know that my life for them – my wife and my two children who were still alive. ” My friend went on.

Our conversation kept rolling, from topic to topic. Until finally he said something that touched my heart,

“My friend, now maybe I am more happy after going through all that. I have a way of life more clearly, and different priorities now. ”

Then he continued, “you do not know who you are and what your true self until you are really tested. You will get something more from your failures than your successes. ”

How do you feel while experiencing an event like this my friend. It was hard to feel you are positive. But that’s what happens on my friend’s, and he looked at the tragedy in his life as a defining moment in his life. Events which overturn everything for him.

What can we take lessons from the events above? He did not reject these tragedies, but he hugged a friend. A thought that makes the failure as a friend, may seem strange in your ears. But in fact, that your failure to make friends or enemies, you who decide. If you sing a song of sadness in every failure that you meet, then that failure will still be your enemy. However, if you learn from every failure you experienced, then you will be able to reap the wisdom thereof. And you will get a very valuable lesson for your next success.

Actually, what is required of you is the right attitude. Zig Ziglar in a book once said, “The problem is not the problem, but your attitude toward the problem that is the problem.” Your attitude toward a failure, determine your altitude after failure. Many people who do not understand it. Failure is a package of a success. If you want to achieve success, you must be prepared to accept failure and learn from them. Is familiar with the process.

Sydney Harris said,

“A winner knows how much still remains to be learned, although he is considered an expert by others. A loser wants to be an expert by others before realizing how little he knows. ”

How do you think?

By: Danu


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