Attitude is a choice

We all know, is the nature of human to make mistake. Who have never made a mistake in his entire life? We have seen big guys coming up, gone down, and yet they can come up again. What can we learn from them?. One of the things we can learn from them is a way of thinking and their courage in making a choice of attitude that should be decided to produce change for the better.

I believe we create our own luck, whether it’s good or bad. Consciously, or unconsciously, we may have ourselves at some time or another, produced our current conditions, either in our bodily health or other circumstances.

Because not much happens by chance, most things, good or bad, comes into our lives as a result of the thoughts we engage in, or by what God ordains to get our attention.

It’s easy to blame someone, or something outside of ourselves, and make excuses as to why we may be experiencing certain unpleasant situations. But, we must be mature enough to take full responsibility for our own lives and quit playing the part of the victim. It’s liberating when you can say, “I got myself into this, and with God’s help, I can get out.” There is no power in acting like a victim.

Learning through the experience of others is the shortest route to filling up that piece of paper. It shows you the right path that has already been bashed through by your forerunner and prevents you from repeating the same mistakes that have already been made.

There is no easy way out of trouble, but there is a simple way. Think rightly instead of wrongly, and conditions will begin to improve.

What is thinking rightly? It’s what the holy book says about you, your circumstances, and God. It is the truth. Thinking wrongly has to do with our emotions. Since emotions are inconsistent, they cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, this is where most people make major choices in life, during an emotional high or low. It’s a recipe for disaster! A person should never make a decision based on emotion.

As long as we go on thinking wrongly about ourselves and our lives, the same sort of difficulties will continue to harass us. Every seed must inevitably bring forth after its own kind, and thought is the seed of destiny.

When we think rightly, by doing and saying what God’s Word says about our situations, sooner or later, all ill health, poverty, loneliness, and inharmony must disappear. Life is a choice. We agree with the things that good, or we choose to agree with things that are negative. All our options.

Determining which we choose is a glorious adventure that will determine which direction our life choices. Your choice will determine your success. Success is not destination. Success is a journey.

How do you think?By: Danu


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