Posted in January 2011

Change Your Life – Control Your Mind

You are the creator of your own version of reality. Decades of psychological research prove beyond doubt that how you think controls how you behave and how you behave creates your life. Your mood dictates how you feel about every situation and every person that you encounter in your life. Your mood dictates how you … Continue reading

Feel Like Giving Up?

Life can be challenging and obstacles at times can seem insurmountable. Over the years, people have given up on many things because of set backs and lack of progress. Right now, there are people who are giving up.  Now there is a big difference between quitting or giving up and changing directions. Adapting or finding … Continue reading

Positive Mindset

Our mindset is the one thing that is the determining factor when it comes to being successful in any area of life.You have to be careful not to let negative thoughts or attitudes hold you back or make you feel inadequate.Those kind of thoughts can and will keep you right where you are, never letting … Continue reading

Transform Your Life- Extreme Thought Makeover

The only way you can get in a rut is by and over again. What happens in the world around you is a product of your interpretation. If you ask one hundred people who witnessed the same event to describe that event, you will get 100 different interpretations of that same event, all perceived through … Continue reading