Create a Vision Board for Your Goals

One of the best ways to achieve your goals is to display them. Having them displayed will be a constant reminder of what you intend to achieve and will activate your desire on a daily basis.

A vision board is a board in which you add images, words, and descriptions of your goals and things you desire to achieve. It is meant to inspire and motivate you to act on opportunities and tasks that will lead you to success.

A way to get started is to go through the list of what you desire. What is it that you want to accomplish? After you have written down what it is that you want to accomplish, look for images and words that reflect them. You can find them in magazines or your own images if you like. You can even go as far as taking a picture of you in a showhome of your dreams (with permission) or you taking a test drive with YOU in the car of your dreams.

Once you have your images, put them on a board, preferrably a large one so you can fit all of your goals on and your future goals on. Create a collage of all of the images and words you have collected or design it in a way that sparks your excitement. You can decorate however you like.

Once you have completed your vision board, place it in a location that you will see it every single day and will motivate you on a continuous basis. For me, I have placed it above my work station so I see it all day long, even when I’m not working because my work station happens to be right in my living room.

About The Author

Cheryl Wilms is a WAHM Coach and Law of Attraction enthusiast providing resources for Moms seeking personal transformation. Cheryl is dedicated to showing women how apply the law of attraction into their daily lives and empowering themselves up to discovering the incredible power we hold within. She is also an advocate of positive and inspirational living. Cheryl has been always been aware of her passion to provide insights to others to connect with their inner power and to live a life we desire. Since then she has been studying and emersing herself with anything she can get her hands on with the subject for the last 15 years. Cheryl is currently pursuing a career with WAHM coaching and is also an aspiring writer.

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