Make Goals Measurable

One way to make our goal setting effective is to make our goals measurable. We want to make sure we have the option to track our progress so that we know that we are on the right path to success. When we have defined our goals, being able to observe that it is working, this will give us more motivation to keep going even when faced with adversity.

Create a timelime for your goal. When will you know that you have accomplished your goal? What time frame have you given yourself? For example, if you have given yourself one year from today in order to open the doors to your new store that will be downtown on First and Main, then make that your finish line on your timeline. Having a timeline in place will give you the opportunity to break down your goal into small incriments, or micro goals, so your timeline does not seem so overwhelming.

When you are able to break down your timeline into smaller incriments, you will now have the opportunity to have a better insight into seeing if your timeframe that you have created is attainable or not. Are all the microgoals you have discovered that will help you to achieve that goal realistic but still challenging? If they are, you have now created an effective timeline you can follow.

Create a physical timeline that you can see everyday. Track your progress daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or whatever is applicable to you. Use stickers if you want…..stickers are fun. Having a chart that you can see will keep you excited about the goal you have made and keep you on track. It won’t get lost in the hustle bustle of everyday life. We all know how that can be.

On this timeline, create points along the way that when achieved, you know that you are on the right path to achieving that goal. When you have made it to the small points on your timeline…..CELEBRATE! The end result of the goal is not the only time to celebrate, enjoy the journey along the way to your goal, because the knowledge that you are aquiring on the journey is what will help you to continue to be successful even after you have acquired your goal.

About The Author

Cheryl Wilms is a WAHM Coach and Law of Attraction enthusiast providing resources for Moms seeking personal transformation. Cheryl is dedicated to showing women how apply the law of attraction into their daily lives and empowering themselves up to discovering the incredible power we hold within. She is also an advocate of positive and inspirational living. Cheryl has been always been aware of her passion to provide insights to others to connect with their inner power and to live a life we desire. Since then she has been studying and emersing herself with anything she can get her hands on with the subject for the last 15 years. Cheryl is currently pursuing a career with WAHM coaching and is also an aspiring writer.

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