Posted in November 2011

Get Ready for Change

Are you stubborn? I mean, are you the kind of person who will keep on doing the same thing even when you know for a fact that you are not getting results? I asked this question because there are business executives who keep on doing the same things even though they are not achieving the … Continue reading

Success Through Mind Power

Your Brain is the most invaluable instrument you have when it comes to being successful in life. You can use it to get what you want to Win at and is your most powerful asset when used correctly. Here are some tips to assist you train your Brain and how to use it to get … Continue reading

Effective Green Saving

Solar energy-a powerful renewable resource of energy that comes from the sun- is a huge trend that is catching on and providing us with electricity. This clean resource is catching on quick because of how safe it is for our environment. Unlike fossil fuels, we don’t need to burn gas and pollute the air causing … Continue reading

You Will Only Hit What You Aim For

If you aim for the moon at the very least you will end up amongst the stars. If you do not take aim you will surely fail, and as you seek to justify your failure you may even cause yourself physical illness. This statement popped in on my e-mail this morning as a motivational message … Continue reading