Effective Green Saving

Solar energy-a powerful renewable resource of energy that comes from the sun- is a huge trend that is catching on and providing us with electricity. This clean resource is catching on quick because of how safe it is for our environment. Unlike fossil fuels, we don’t need to burn gas and pollute the air causing acid rain. Solar is becoming more affordable to homes and business. Companies like Earthsponse provide and install solar panels for a very affordable price, and money is saved by seamlessly never ending electricity. While we still contribute hazards to our environment by everyday pollution, solar technology plays a key role to start a new beginning, to protect the atmosphere.

The Sun is the base of many sources of energy on earth already. If you think about it hard enough you realize that the sun really is the ultimate resource. Plants thrive off sunlight to grow, stay healthy, and oxygenate the earth. Heat absorbed into our atmosphere with different temperature changes creates wind. Wind can be harvested and also turned into energy. The sun also causes evaporation creating rain. Rain falls back to the earth forming streams and rivers. This is where Hydro turbines collect energy as water passes through. Maybe in the future someone will design a product to catch rain as it falls and uses the kinetic energy for another source of renewable energy. Solar energy is the base of many different kinds of energy and we should definitely make use of everything we can.

One company that is definitely taking advantage of solar energy is Earthsponse. This company states in “Thinking of going green?” that, “Our vast experience combined with our expertise in the renewable energy industry make solar a smart decision. Valuable rebates and tax incentives make going green even more lucrative. And our network of trained, certified installers/dealers can ensure you receive an affordable, reliable solar installation”. Earthsponse helps homes and businesses benefit from installing solar energy that is affordable. Installing solar energy helps reduce exposure to rapidly-accelerating utility costs, and Increases financial security by gaining energy independence.

The growth in renewable energy resources is helping our economy and environment. With more companies like Earthsponse making solar more affordable, it will be interesting to see how everything plays out for the better.

About The Author

by: Adam Montgomery, I am a full time student at corning community college aspiring to be a marine biologist.

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