Green Education Is Now Vital

For the world to understand the importance of green issues, the respect we should hold towards natures law and the natural ways of our planet are subjects that need to be at the heart of education as a cross cutting theme, from Religious education through to science and technology of all kinds.

On searching for evidence of this change, just4theplanet has learned that nearly 200 of Oregon’s public and private schools in USA, has gone “green” over the past 10 years. This has resulted in students studying about the environment, reducing waste and cutting down on energy use. A not for profit organisation named Oregon Green Schools, reports that environment education has increasingly become a focus.

A Nursery based in Merseyside England, Harrison Day Nursery, has an allotment plot of land, where children between 3 and 5 years of age learn how to till the land, plant the seeds and feed the crops ready for harvest. Once the children harvest their carrots, or potatoes, they then bring them back to the nursery where the kitchen staff clean, prepare and use the fresh produce the children have grown. This process not only educates but also encourages a healthy eating regime for the children.

In Jakarta, they are applying a concept of Green Building on all schools being built across the city during 2011. The construction of the green schools will mean a reduction in the use of materials such as wood, since it could trigger illegal logging practices. The Government plans include 42 schools that will fully implement the green building concept.

Evergreen is a not for profit organisation in Canada with a mandate to bring nature to its cities through naturalization projects. Evergreen’s Learning Grounds programme applies this idea to school grounds. They have written some excellent publications that can be found on their website.

Skapande Uterum in Sweden is an organisation devoted to greening school grounds in Sweden and the Association of Nature Schools in Sweden, is an organisation that coordinates the work of 70 nature schools in Sweden, focused on outdoor education.

The D.C Schoolyard Greening Consortium (SGC) is a group of not for profit organisations, government agencies and teachers interested in green spaces at school s and the expansion of outdoor education within the D.C area. These entities are looking to promote ecological literacy and environmental stewardship among students, teacher’s parents and the surrounding community.

Whilst we have many excellent not for profit organizations around the globe assisting with the green agenda in our schools and education systems, we are in danger of not taking the bull by the horns ourselves. We need to ensure that environmental issues and sustainable living are a core part of our children’s educational system to give our planet a chance.

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